Alyshia: “My pride told me I didn’t need it”

I became pregnant with my daughter back in 2012 and I believed that everything would work out fine, so when I was first told about Peach Tree my pride told me I didn’t need it. What I didn’t count on was the difficulty with loosing friends, fighting with family about my choices and the father of my daughter being very absent and refusing to help me. It wasn’t until the final months that I decided to at least see what Peach Tree was about. Now I look back and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Today I have 2 beautifully crazy headstrong children, I worked things out with my children father and we have been together since after my daughters birth, I worked my problems out with my family and I have a wonderful bunch of... read more

Rachel: “Life does get better”

So my story happened 19 years ago when I had my first baby! I had suffered from anxiety from the age of 18 but kept going. I entered into a relationship with a man that abused me and fell pregnant with my daughter, I was very alone and was unable to talk to anyone depressed and lonely.  I just wanted to die, I left my baby in the street with the hope someone would take her to a better place!! But luckily no one did, I still feel sad and alone when I look back. I was in a very dark place which still scares me to this day when I think about what I did.  But I had no one and I just wanted out. It’s a horrible thing and it’s so so important to have groups like Peach Tree, to help people. But my life has moved on and I have a beautiful daughter and now a cute 7 year old,  so life does get better thanks to great friends.  I’m glad we made it.... read more

Mel: “Removing the mask through shared experiences”

Hi I’m Mel. I’m a mother of 3 and midwife.  My experience of PND occurred after the birth of my second child, following a series of traumatic events.  I have always suffered from depression and anxiety, including PTSD and I feel the most valuable tool in my toolbox is community, friendship and understanding supportive relationships. Peach Tree has opened up a safe space to share experiences and heal from the past.  Removing the mask through shared experiences is the biggest aspect of facilitating groups that bonds us as women and mothers that I adore and am so grateful for. *Mel is a Peach Tree Peer Worker and facilitates our Bulimba Peachy... read more

Lynsey: “I felt like I should be happy”

I suffered with PND&A after the birth of my first and only baby boy. He was an IVF baby so I felt even more that I should be happy, joyful and over the moon. I felt anything but. I was sad, felt empty, and felt like I had made the biggest mistake of my life. I felt like I was drowning and those around me just knew something wasn’t right. My anxiety was through the roof everyday, I cried everyday and kept telling hubby “I can’t do this anymore” It was then I decided to see a GP, he was great.  I am now on medication which have helped me so much.  My baby boy is now 7 months old and I feel so much happier.  Don’t get me wrong I still have tough days, but more good than bad.  I couldn’t have done it without Peach Tree, my friends and... read more

Erin: “I knew I was heading down the path again and sought help right away”

I have had PND&A after both of my boys were born. Unfortunately it took 6 months for it to be diagnosed after my eldest was born and I recovered fairly quickly.  I experienced anxiety during my second pregnancy and attempted to access support from my psychologist who told me it was unlikely that I would have PND&A again with another child (I have since discovered this was incorrect). After my second child was born I knew again that I was heading down the path of PND&A again and sought help straight away.  A visiting midwife gave me the details for Peach Tree and I started attending when my baby was 4 weeks old. I have found the regular meetings to be invaluable in helping me wade through the fog and fear. Now as my baby is 9 months old I am mostly having good days with some bad days.  I am so thankful for having found peach tree and only wish I knew about it when my eldest was a... read more

Cassie: “I was in a very dark place that I needed help climbing out of”

I waited for the joyful, excited feeling to kick in after having my little boy but it never did.  All I felt was despair; like I wasn’t cut out to be a mum and worse, like I had made the biggest mistake that I couldn’t take back. It took a lot of time and support from my husband for me to realize I didn’t just have the weepies, I was in a very dark place that I needed help climbing out of.  Medication, talking through my depression and anxiety and knowing that I have places to reach out (even if I don’t really utilize them very much, thank you social anxiety) makes the world of difference. I haven’t reached the sunlight yet but I get closer all the... read more