Circle of Security

Are you being BIGGER, STRONGER, WISER, and KIND?

Interactions between parents and their young children are full of disruptions, miscommunication, and misunderstandings.  “Good enough” parenting is okay… Did you know, even the most “perfect” of parents only get it right about 50% of the time?

The COS intervention, and the graphic designed around it, are intended to help increase caregivers awareness of their children’s needs and whether their own responses meet those needs.  With increased awareness, parents can expand their moment-to-moment parenting choices where needed.  In this shift from “mind-blindness” to seeing what is “hidden in plain sight” lies the potential to break problematic attachment patterns, passed from one generation to the next, that can compromise healthy relationships throughout a child’s lifespan.

Peach Tree believes passionately in the importance of parent-infant attachment and the positive impact the Circle of Security framework can have for new, existing, and expecting parents on their own attachment understanding.  Circle of Security parent education workshops are held every couple of months at Peach Tree House and mums already attending our Peachy Parent groups are also eligible for discount (simply ask your group facilitator).

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PEPP Talks

In 2015, Peach Tree launced the “Preparing Emotionally for the Perinatal Period” workshops, affectionately known as the “PEPP Talk”.  The PEPP Talk is designed to better prepare expecting parents emotionally (both as individuals and as a couple) for their parenthood transition.  Parents learn strategies to cope with the emotional realities and challenges that come with not only pregnancy and birth, but also the period of time after baby comes home.

Parents are invited to attend two sessions during pregnancy (28+ weeks), and a follow-up session once baby has arrived (8-12 weeks).  All sessions are facilitated by a qualified Parent Educator and Peach Tree Peer Worker who support parents-to-be through each topic and share their own lived experience during each innovative workshop.

Understanding parenthood as a rite of passage (particularly these days when life before and life after, especially for the mother, can be vastly different) expands a couple’s awareness to the need for different adjustments, to respect the significance of the life change, to approach the transition as learners rather than experts and to appreciate the benefits of social support.
– Elly Taylor, Becoming Us

To express your interest in one of our PEPP Talks, please CONTACT US.