Hi I’m Bel, I am a mother of 5 earth babies and my very own angel boy.

My experience with depression and anxiety started with my 5th pregnancy with my son Xavier.  We found out at 19 weeks gestation that he only had a 10% chance of living.  We chose to give him that fighting chance and I carried him to 31 weeks and 3 days.

Going back and forth from Caboolture hospital and RBWH I would get mixed messages of hope and doom.  I had been put on bed rest in the hope to replenish some fluid around Xavier.  Sadly it never helped and he passed in my arms 45 minutes after he was born.  

I was determined to have another baby as I was sure that if I did I would be healed, what I didn’t count on was the fear that would come with my rainbow child.  I mean, she was meant to fix me right?  Not make me feel worse?  It was during her health nurse visit I found Peach Tree.  My health nurse made me go over and meet the women of the group.  I was this shy girl not sure how much to open up.  But after attending a few sessions and realising that my thoughts and fears weren’t alone, I started to feel I could face the world a little step at a time.  

I have fallen so many times but honestly without knowing I have the support I do, I don’t think I would be here today 💙 

I thank Peach Tree every day.