PeerZone “Mental Wellbeing” workshops

PeerZone is a FREE peer-led mental health series of workshops providing resources and strategies to benefit others experiencing mental health distress. Facilitated by certified PeerZone educators with their own lived-experience, each group uses discussion and activities to explore mental health and find strategies to help manage day to day life.
The 6 workshops are open to all members of the community who may be experiencing mental health issues, or may know someone who is, and would like to learn different ways to understand mental distress and explore ways to improve daily life.  Each 6 week block will include the following workshop topics:

Week 1 – Understanding Distress
In group activities we explore ways to name and understand our mental distress. This workshop is about recognising, naming and understanding our distress, while learning different ways to respond to our distresses to improve our health.

Week 2 – Leading Our Recovery
We ask ourselves what recovery means, looking at the process of recovery. This week we explore our own, and each others, experiences of recovery.

Week 3 – Exploring Our Story
We explore our own stories of distress and recovery and participate in an activity – The Hero’s Journey. We use this information to understand how it can be applied to our own journey of recovery.

Week 4 – Finding Our Voices
Discussing our experiences of unfairness or injustice within our mental health journey, we learn how we can self-advocate and what we can do about it in the community.

Week 5 – Coping With Stress
We look into stress, types of stress and how it impacts us in daily life. Introducing mindfulness activities and the evidence that it can reduce stress in our lives. We also explore changing the way we think about finding strategies for reducing stress.

Week 6 – Minding Our Lifestyles
Our last week explores how lifestyle impacts on our wellbeing. We discuss what we would like to change and look into lifestyle changes that can improve mental health and wellbeing.

Next workshop:

Thursday 11th October

12.30 – 3.30pm

Attendance is FREE!

Peach Tree House, Wavell Heights


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