In July, 2017, Peach Tree was appointed Lead Site Agent by the Brisbane North Primary Health Network (PHN) to conduct a low intensity perinatal mental health service evaluation to enhance emotional wellbeing for parents during the perinatal period – from conception to 12 months post birth.

The “Sunshine Parenting Program” is a six week commitment for mothers with babies aged between 0 and 12 months.  The Program begins in Week 1 with a short psychologist session, then moves onto a 4-week group parenting workshop (consisting of up to 8 participating mums) from Week’s 2 – 5.  Week 6 concludes the program for mothers with another psychologist session.  All workshops are facilitated and supported by perinatal peer workers and will explore issues focusing on:

  • building maternal resilience
  • understanding postnatal depression and anxiety
  • managing relationship changes
  • parenting skills and confidence
  • self-esteem and identity
  • bonding with baby
  • mindfulness and affirmations

Please note:  Each 6-week program will include an additional session for partners.

Workshops will be conducted on the following dates at both Wavell Heights (Monday) and Caboolture (Friday) locations, with our goal being to provide the program to a wider participant base from 2019 onward:



A new schedule for 2019 programs will be posted as soon as dates have been confirmed.

Please continue to send referrals and we will advise all interested Mums of upcoming program dates as soon as they become available.

Thank you so much for your continued support.

Referral form for Health Professionals

Are you a health professional wishing to make a referral to the Sunshine Parenting Program for a mother in your care?  Please begin your referral by clicking on the link below:

Referral form for Mums


Are you a mum looking for support with a baby aged between 0 and 12 months?  If so, you can contact us to participate in the Sunshine Parenting Program by filling in this form (just click on the link below):

More information?


If you require more information, please contact the SPP Program Manager on:

e:    sunshine@peachtree.org.au

m:  0410 648 239