Peach Tree is a community based mental health organisation, which provides services for parents, partners, and families who are impacted by emotional and mental health challenges in the period of pregnancy and early parenthood.

Utilising trauma-informed, recovery-oriented, and person-led approaches, we aim to support health and well-being in the perinatal and early parenthood period.

We use a Lived Experience Workforce which means that everyone who delivers our services and programs has personal insight and experience into the challenges of becoming a parent and raising small children.  Our Peer Support Workers, Peer Educators and Peer Coaches are all dedicated to providing compassionate, meaningful, and inclusive support.



Peach Tree offers a variety of groups and programs to foster a community of belonging and inclusion, while supporting the emotional and mental health of parents, babies, and young children (0-5 years).

It is common for many parents to feel isolated and overwhelmed by pregnancy and parenthood.  That’s why in addition to our social groups, we also offer targeted support groups for those who would like to access some additional support while parenting.

Our free groups, programs and activities are an opportunity to connect with others who understand, feel supported and reassured, and find hope.


At Peach Tree, we believe that parents deserve access to quality information and resources which allow them to make decisions best suited for their families.

We offer a range of programs and workshops, including:

  • parent-infant attachment
  • early support for postnatal depression and anxiety
  • understanding mental health and personal recovery
  • person led individual support for those with more complex mental health concerns.

We deliver these programs across Brisbane, West Moreton and Darling Downs and Moreton Bay areas.  We also offer online options.


Peach Tree seeks to make positive change for families during pregnancy, infancy, and early childhood by actively lobbying with Government at National, State, and Local levels. The transition to parenthood is challenging with far reaching impacts. We get it, and we hope through advocacy and education our changemakers will “get it” too!

We are passionate about raising awareness of perinatal and early parenthood, highlighting the emotional, social, and mental health and wellbeing impacts of this critical life stage. We engage with hospitals, health services, community, and businesses to provide valuable lived-experience perspectives.

Please contact us if you are interested in having us speak at your workplace or community group.


Peach Tree has three Parent Wellbeing Centres across the Brisbane North, South and Moreton Bay regions. Our centres are community hubs supporting both Peach Tree services, alongside a range of services that are relevant and helpful to support health and wellbeing during pregnancy and early parenthood.

We offer consultation rooms, group rooms and workshop areas across all our sites to:

  • health professionals (such as psychologists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists, child health nurses, lactation consultants etc) who specialise in the perinatal, infancy and early childhood (0-5 years) periods.
  • small businesses.
  • other community groups.

If you are interested in hiring a space for your service, please contact us.



Peach Tree House
15 Jenner Street
Nundah QLD 4012

On-site, adjacent to the centre


The Morayfield Health Hub

Ground Floor, Mother Baby Hub

19-31 Dickson Road
Morayfield  QLD  4506



Peach Tree Parent Wellbeing Centre
1454 Logan Road
Mount Gravatt  QLD  4122

Behind building off Bothwell Street


Perinatal mental health and wellbeing focus on the emotional and psychological aspects of a mother’s experience before, during, and shortly after childbirth. This crucial period can bring about a range of emotions, from joy and excitement to stress and anxiety. Effective perinatal mental health care aims to provide comprehensive support to mothers, helping them navigate challenges like mood swings, stress, or even more serious conditions like postpartum depression. A strong mental and emotional foundation is not only essential for the mother’s wellbeing but also has a lasting impact on the child’s development. Explore our comprehensive page to learn more about the importance of perinatal mental health and the services and support available.

North Brisbane

Peach Tree Wellbeing Centre

15 Jenner Street

Nundah QLD 4012


Moreton Bay

Morayfield Health Hub

Ground Floor - Mother Baby Hub

31 Dickson Road, Morayfield QLD 4506


South Brisbane

Peach Tree Wellbeing Centre

1454 Logan Road - MarshTicknell building

Mount Gravatt  QLD  4122


Peach Tree acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land on which we operate, and pay our respects to their Elders past, present, and emerging.