So my story happened 19 years ago when I had my first baby!

I had suffered from anxiety from the age of 18 but kept going. I entered into a relationship with a man that abused me and fell pregnant with my daughter, I was very alone and was unable to talk to anyone depressed and lonely.  I just wanted to die, I left my baby in the street with the hope someone would take her to a better place!! But luckily no one did, I still feel sad and alone when I look back.

I was in a very dark place which still scares me to this day when I think about what I did.  But I had no one and I just wanted out. It’s a horrible thing and it’s so so important to have groups like Peach Tree, to help people.

But my life has moved on and I have a beautiful daughter and now a cute 7 year old,  so life does get better thanks to great friends.  I’m glad we made it.